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Our company, TNT Metal is dedicated to providing exceptional products and services to the metal, machine, construction and transformer industries. Since 2007, we utilize new developing technologies and expand our field of activity for our customers. Today, our services include sheet metal forming, bending, laser cutting, welding, surface finishing and protection applications. Our efficient and young team can respond to your requirements and provide solutions accurately in short order by protecting your benefits as high quality, on-time delivery, competitive prices and after sales support.

We prioritize “Sustainability” in all aspects of our work.
For us, sustainability is possible with excellence in quality, utilization of new technologies, respect to the humanitarian values and responsible use of natural resources.

Our Mission
Our mission declares our purpose as a company and it serves as our essential principle.

Meeting the customer requirements in accordance with internationally    recognized quality management systems.

Customer focused excellence in all aspects of work, providing high quality products, services and solutions.

Making a difference by our reliability, constant self improvement and experience.

Fulfilling our social and environmental responsibilities. Creating occupational health and safety for our team.

Our Vision
Being among most reliable and innovative manufacturers, service and solution providers in metal industry.

Maintaining continuity of our worldwide market growth.

Creating sustainable customer value.

Our Values
We believe in power of change, improvement and learning.

We establish an open communication in every phase of our work and management.

We always provide attainable information.

We always try to widen horizons about becoming the most dedicated and innovative team.